Live Your Film

Taking on Dances with Dirt: Check out Austin’s First Time!:

“They said “that is like having your first time with Antonio Banderas, you can’t ever go back from that!” Read on to find out how Austin Tan (second from left) tackled her “first time!”

Just Ride with Us St. Vincent Cancer Challenge Ambassador Event
August 27, 2016

Join Team Film in supporting the St. Vincent Cancer Center through this fun and invigorating cycling event hosted by Just…

July “IT” Girl Molly Knapp: Saying Goodbye to Should, Would, & Could

Stop talking about what you didn’t do. Molly has the spunk to try anything once. Like it or not.

2016 Calendar O’ Serious Fun:

Make a date with Team Film in 2016! Races, classes, runs and more.

What’s Team Film?

“So … what’s Team Film?” Our Team Film video tells our story well, so we’re sharing in case you haven’t seen it. Enjoy!

Peace Love Run Woodstock
September 9, 2016

A celebration of fun and fitness: join us as we trip back to a bygone era of nature and love,…

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