Live Your Film

Just Say Yes! by Betsy Bradley:

I’d always wanted to try yoga but I was intimidated by the stigma of a bunch of Hamilton County housewives all in Lululemon with their heels down in downward dog…. Team Film members introduced themselves, it was a judgement free zone. Just a bunch of women getting together to try new things and have fun; all shapes and sizes, fitness levels, and ages.

Team Film IT Girl // Amanda Rider

Check out Team Filmer Amanda Rider who shows us we can have more than one passion!

2017 Team Film Calendar O’ Serious Fun:

Make a date with Team Film in 2017! Races, classes, runs and more.

The World’s Best Kept Secret

The obstacles this race has to offer start with registration. Dipsea is old and sacred, and you have to know some secrets to earn your way in.

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