Live Your Film

Polar Power!

by Team Film

Show winter who’s boss and inspire other women to get after their goals. It’s Team Film #polarpower. Join us!

Snowballs start small, but you roll them around and they get bigger. (Hell, sometimes they even turn into big, strong men!)

Let’s make goals do the same thing. Let’s spread them and make them bigger and more powerful, just by rolling them around social media.

Starting today, post your wintertime goal to Facebook, Twitter (@team_film) and Instagram (goteamfilm) with the hashtag #polarpower. Use the hashtag to see what other women are doing and how they’re progressing. And keep posting so we can see how you’re doing!

Here are some ideas to get you started. Use one of these or set your own goal!:

  • workout 3x week
  • eat a healthy breakfast everyday
  • run 40 miles a week
  • sign up for a yoga class — and go!
  • do 3 sets of 10 squats daily

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