Live Your Film

Where Are You on Your To-Do List?

by Caryn Green

Jake and CarynLike most mothers of three busy children, I am frequently multitasking life, simultaneously tending to dinner, work, carpools, the husband and wardrobe malfunctions … if only I could clone myself. Do I go to the soccer game, the swim meet or get in a run?

For many years, I put myself at the bottom of this seemingly mundane to-do list. However, I always acknowledged the internal dialogue and guilt I felt toward not getting enough done. I recognized the importance of emotional, spiritual and physical health — the fidelity to self was pivotal in the well-being of my family and those I care about.

Understanding this and actually doing this were two different things. Coupled with my own cognitive dissonance and my Team Film friends, my daily priorities have slowly evolved into an increasingly balanced life with “me” taking turns at the top of the list. I’m a better wife, mom, friend and coworker when I take time to invest in myself.

I still struggle with guilt at times….

“Am I giving equal time, attention, resources to my kids?” “Am I teaching them how to be happy, productive, compassionate people?” I am not certain; however, I do believe actions speak louder than words.

Last week provided me with some affirmation that the plan is working. It was a weekend where the family was divided and I was to be “swim-mom.” I had a choice to make: get a run in or watch my son swim.

As I discussed the day’s events with my son, I asked him, “Do you mind if I drop you off and go do my run? I’ll probably miss your first two or three events.”

Without hesitation he said, “Of course not, go Live Your Film, Mom.” At that moment, I realized he got it. I was doing something right … the guilt was gone and with every step I was more at peace with the realization I probably won’t see human cloning in my lifetime — or at least in my household.

“Do three things well, not ten things badly.” — David Segrove


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