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Beginner Badass 5K Training Plan

by Hillary Church

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 1.47.44 PMNew to running?  Just getting started? Think you’re interested in a 5K but don’t know where to start?  Start with Team Film!

We have just come out with our Beginner Badass 5K Training Plan.  Is it designed for walkers/joggers building up to 3.1 miles. The plan is eight weeks long and won’t overwhelm you with running jargon. After you’ve downloaded and printed the plan, here are the next steps to get you moving toward your 5K goal!

  1. First, pick out a 5K race.  If you live in Central Indiana, we recommend the Geist 5k on Saturday,  May 17.  It is a family-friendly event with lake views and a party at the finish. Do a little research online for events in your area.
  2. Next, purchase running shoes that are right for you.  Get fitted properly at your local running store, such as BlueMile or Runners Forum in Indianapolis.  They will help you find the perfect fit and can also recommend 5K races if you haven’t decided on one yet.
  3. Join Team Film for Meetups and social events to stay motivated!

As you progress toward your goal, think about your overall fitness. Eat a healthy diet, drink water, and add in some core exercises and stretching to help your overall strength and fight off injury.  Follow the plan, but be flexible.

Choose the 3-4 days week that you can exercise, and get out there. Walk when you need to. Run when you can. It’s always good to grab a training buddy to hold you accountable and make it social.

And when you feel like celebrating, celebrate your progress! The rewards along the way are just as fun as the final finish line. You can do this! LIVE YOUR FILM!

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