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Falling in Love in California

by Kathryn Yost


Two years ago I moved from Indiana to California and fell in love. He wasn’t tall, dark and handsome. He was a she, and she was vast, stretching for miles and miles between the ocean and bay. She is better known as the Headlands. If you drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, you will find yourself surrounded by the Marin Headlands. The Headlands stretch for countless miles, with breathtaking views of the ocean and bay. The terrain is rugged with beautiful cypress trees, coastal shrubs, birds, bobcats, jackrabbits and my favorite — the banana slug!

I picked up a map of the Headlands and set a goal of running every trail. I quickly realized from where I lived in Sausalito that I could run to the ocean by four different trails. Wow! This was incredible. I also learned that some of the trails, such as the Miwok, had steep hills with an elevation gain of -800 feet. Gulp. Needless to say, I quickly became better at climbing hills.

I found it was a good idea to bring water on my long explorations and energy bars. I often took photos to share on Facebook with friends. But the pictures couldn’t capture the smell of the cypress trees, or the cool wind from the fog as I ran along the coastal trail toward the Golden Gate Bridge. There were times, often, that my senses became overwhelmed by the beauty and wonder of this area. I cried. I cried of bliss and joy for the experience of being there, running freely and exploring these beautiful trails. Yes, I had fallen in love with the Headlands.

When I tell people that I live in California, they often ask questions about the city or what I like to do. I always smile and start talking about the Headlands. If you enjoy hiking or running in nature, this is where you need to go when you visit San Francisco.

And, if you need a tour guide,  send me an email.  I’ll introduce you to my true love.

Marin Headlands 1

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