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8 Confessions of a Pregnant Filmer // Pam Nixon

by Team Film

Over halfway through her first pregnancy, Pam Dixon finished a 5K at the Purdue Cancer Challenge on April 12. Keep it up, Pam!

Over halfway through her first pregnancy, Pam Nixon finished a 5K at the Purdue Cancer Challenge on April 12. Keep it up, Pam!

By awesome pregnant gal, guest blogger and Team Film member Pam Nixon

I am just over halfway through my first pregnancy. Before I was pregnant, I loved speed workouts, boot camp classes, squats, spin classes, running as fast as I could uphill and cookies. It is safe to say my workouts have changed in the last four months. In case any Filmers out there are wondering what effect a pregnancy will have on their fitness, here are a few true confessions:

  1. The doctor told me it was great to keep doing the same workouts as long as I kept a conversational pace to ensure that the baby and I are both getting enough oxygen. Sometimes when I get really into a song on my playlist, I worry that I might be going too fast. Result: to test my oxygen, I talk to myself on the elliptical or treadmill to see if it is conversational enough. I am that girl at the gym.
  2. I eat a lot of snacks now. Recently, a chocolate chip from my granola bar fell down my shirt while I was eating. I stood up, shook my shirt around, and didn’t see it fall to the ground. I figured it must have gone somewhere since I couldn’t find it. When I went to change my shirt at the end of the day, I found melted chocolate. My belly is big enough to stop gravity. This is a big deal.
  3. A real quote from me to a pilates instructor: “I finally just realized, why would I spend half of your class working my abs if I don’t even have abs anymore?”
  4. I have always loved to run with my dog, but even more now. It’s nice for him to get to have some fun, but it’s even better for me to have a buddy who I can pretend needs to stop and sniff things when I start to get tired.
  5. Underappreciated side effect of not wanting to go too fast on the elliptical (see #1): I can now start my elliptical workout, balance myself and paint my nails, let the polish dry while I am moving those arm things back and forth, and have perfect nails when I leave the gym.
  6. I have almost peed my pants on the Monon Trail. Sometimes a growing baby, organs, morning Starbucks and three glasses of water to try to rehydrate from the Starbucks don’t like to all be in the body at the same time.
  7. People like to use the phrase “eating for two.” I sometimes put a very normal amount of food on my plate, and when people comment that it’s okay because I am eating for two, I wonder what they said about me when I was putting that much food on my plate when I wasn’t pregnant. Living my film is probably never going to include small portions.
  8. I am so lucky because I have felt great throughout this whole thing. When people say, “How have you been feeling?” I get to say, “Great!” This is a teeny bit of a lie. I feel very, very pregnant every single time I get to the top of a flight of stairs.

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