Live Your Film

Preparing for a Grand Race

by Caryn Green

Caryn at Grand Canyon

Many people would say their first trip to the Grand Canyon was amazing, awe-inspiring and unforgettable, and I would agree—but there’s more. Earlier this year, as I peered over the edge into the abyss below, I felt incredibly small, vulnerable, and a wave of anxiety crept in like a dense morning fog settling over a valley.

“So…we’re hiking down there tomorrow?” I asked my adventure-seeking husband and three boys. “Yes!” was the resounding response. I was raised in a family that would have been happy taking the bus tour around the rim, not actually getting down and dirty in the Grand Canyon.

The questions began running around in my head: Do we have enough water, food, electrolyte replacement, ibuprofen, Band-Aids, hats, sunscreen, a windbreaker, flashlight—in case, God forbid, we get stuck down there overnight! And on and on.

As it turned out, we all made it down and back without incident. Reflecting, I realized I frequently approach a race or other event that takes me out of my comfort zone the same way. As the anxiety creeps in, I go over my mental checklist a few more times. Then the anxiety turns into excitement of the experience. The feeling of accomplishment and rush of joy when crossing the finish line make it all worth while!

I’m getting ready to run the 500 Festival Indianapolis Mini-Marathon this weekend. I haven’t run a half in five 5 years, so I’m trying not to see the foreboding fog. I’ve got the “right” shoes, jersey, headband, bodyglide, Gu, etc.  I also have the right attitude.  I know it’s good to be prepared, but this year I’m going to enjoy the journey instead of getting anxious about the details. Whatever happens during the race; I’m going to get down and dirty. I’m going to Live my Film!

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