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Lessons From my Second Trimester // Pam Nixon

by Team Film

photo 1By awesome pregnant gal, guest blogger and Team Film member Pam Nixon

In my second trimester, I have learned a few more things, including: pants that button are totally overrated, bridesmaid dresses that have to be ordered in November for a June wedding are a bad idea, and tying your shoes without feeling like you’re crushing the tiny human inside of you is an art I haven’t yet mastered.

Disclaimer: Serious part coming.

While my lunchbox gets heavier, my miles get slower, and my running shorts get tighter, I am also aware of so many things I am observing about women in our society today. Somewhere in the movement to empower women, people have been focusing on all kinds of crazy things. Clean eating has given way to Instagramming how many calories you cut out of your traditional dinner by switching to quinoa and exercising has given way to Facebooking exactly how many miles you ran so that other people can congratulate you. Goals and accountability are all well and good, but I would be much happier if women put down their smart phones, took a step back from the competitive game of who went to more pilates classes and bought more new lulu pants last week, and focused on being happier and healthier instead of skinnier and prettier.

As the old saying goes, happy girls are the prettiest, and I know there are two things that make me really, really happy: eating and working out. I also love that the more I eat, the more energy I have to work out, and the more I work out, the more room I make for my next meal. Counting my calories vs. my grams of protein would make eating less fun for me. Dreading a workout that I “had” to get in so that I can have abs like my friends would make sweating less fun for me. Eating as much pizza in one sitting as I can is actually really fun for me. Hearing my alarm go off at 4:30 am so I can meet a friend for a morning run and be scared of the egg-protecting geese on the central canal path is also really fun for me. Seeing the women of Team Film make every workout into a party and every meal into a social function is a big part of what has inspired my habits over the last five years. Why be boring and stressed when you can be fun, fit, and laughing? On a sunny day, please do me a favor and put down the fancy GPS watch, get outside, feel the wind in your hair, and sing a favorite song without your ear buds in. It’s magical.

photo 3Serious part over.

A few more secret pregnancy confessions from me:

  • But seriously, I really don’t know if I am going to fit into this bridesmaid dress. Would it be appropriate to cut slits on both sides and in the back to make room?
  • I want the Pacers to realize that they are ruining some very well-planned outfits I had mapped out for a run through the Finals. Oversized jerseys and maternity leggings are super hot in 2014. (PS If you like soft tees…and who doesn’t like soft tees… pregnant bellies and normal bellies alike look amazing in shirts from Hayes & Taylor. Just trust me and look them up. You can thank me later.)
  • I have Googled jogging strollers three times. Each time I have looked at how many options there are, panicked, and closed the browser. If someone can just tell me exactly which one I should get, that would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
  • My hips, thighs, and lower back told me that my longer runs need to get shorter. So yesterday I celebrated the last seven miler of this pregnancy. And then I had two cookies for breakfast. And a banana, obviously. Bananas are the key to life success. Smile a lot, eat a banana every day, have dance parties by yourself, and you’ll be fine.

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  • Lorri

    Congratulations Pam!! I’m so happy for you! You are going to be such a great Mommy!
    Ps-I loved our Bob jogging stroller. If you need aa double one, I have one

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