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“Minor” Objective

by Team Film

laurasobeLaura Minor is the owner of So.Be.Fit., a personal training studio in Indianapolis. She hosted a group of Team Filmers for a So.Be.Sculpt class recently and we loved it! Laura earned her master’s in Exercise Physiology from Indiana University, and holds the Gold Standard American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Personal Training Certification. She penned this post just for us. Enjoy.

Back in the day in college I knew, for whatever reason, I needed to do something with my life living that was also a hobby. Maybe because I heard about others complain about hating their careers but loving this or that as a past time…or maybe not. I’m actually not sure, but I was stuck on that route for myself. It was just for me and possibly not for everyone I’m sure.

At that time in my life I LOVED photography. So, I enrolled my first year at IU in the general blah blahs and after consciously knowing I wasn’t going to be the next Ansel Adams in the art world of photo (which in these days I’m pretty darn glad about that decision…not to date myself but the “internet” came along my sophomore year and clearly the photo world has done a 180). So I instead chose the route of Photojournalism major. Whoops! To my young self the quick realization…that included not just photo; but A LOT of writing classes. Hence why I love using those lessons now for this column. So, I went from being an artsy photographer to taking pictures of car accidents, the local football game or other random pretty mundane things (keep in mind this is college so nothing high profile). I don’t discount those who do so whatsoever, but back to the hobby theme… team film yoga mat collection

So, I then I thought “well I want to be a small business owner.” And at that time all my future husband and I knew was the restaurant gig. We both had worked in those industries so this may be the answer!  So, we started our own very tiny spot in a local tennis club. We made the menu, got a beer license (which is no small feat). And we busted our hineys to make it work. Well, it only took a short time to see we didn’t like that life. So THEN I decided to take another chance at a hobby—fitness—and go back to school to see if I would like it. I was scared that it would once again dry out a love that I have/had.

My original intent was to do something that sounded “glamorous” with a title like “cardiac rehabilitationist,” for example. I will never forget that I met with my professor mentor and told him I wasn’t exactly sure what direction to go in. I said “I’m not going to just be a personal trainer.” rolling my eyes. He then said to me “What’s wrong with being a personal trainer? My wife is a personal trainer.” With a little humility, I realized he was right and learned an important lesson.

After I graduated I went from working at a couple of huge fitness facilities where I was basically a glorified bulletin board maker and housekeeper. That wasn’t very fulfilling to say the least and if you know me you know that waking up at 4:30 is my version of hell. It wasn’t long before I quit and went back to waiting tables extremely confused and scared about my career path. While I was on a vacation my husband surprised me by building my own tiny “gym” in our home. I took a few clients here and there, but it quickly got a little awkward to have people come to our home. I searched around and found that a local massage business had a basement studio that was just perfect for me at that time. Small but adequate. I started taking clients (mostly regulars from the restaurant) and soon enough, I was able to take the leap into training full time.

After a couple of years I felt the need for more space and found my second location which was very exciting for me. I chose my name, my logo, made shirts, had a big open house party, bought more equipment and cardio machines, and before you know it OTHER trainers and instructors asked if they could work for me. WOW!! That was a whole new adventure and for the first time in my life I realized that I could actually make some money while I wasn’t working. 🙂 turboA few years after that I knew I need even MORE space and found my amazing location that I am at today.

I have 8 trainers and 4 class instructors and I absolutely love what I do!! Some people say to me that they think it is so amazing that I have my own business and that they could never do it. But, honestly, they give me too much credit. I made some well-timed decisions and wasn’t hasty, and it luckily worked out. I live in the best neighborhood in the world with the coolest clients and helping people while having fun is the most amazing job in my opinion. Now if I could only figure out how to get free benefits and paid vacation. 😉

Honestly, all kidding aside, my “benefits” are seeing people fall in love with fitness. When I get a new client who tells me that they “hate” working out and then two weeks later they tell me that there is no place they would rather be; it is amazing. Fitness is not just physical. It is emotional. It is bonding. It is fun. It is being like a kid on a playground being silly. My best days are when I see a person “flip” from hating exercise, to telling me this is the favorite thing in their week. Let’s not take ourselves so seriously. Stop judging who you are in the mirror and play a little bit…Adults need to play too!! 15

I’ve had many ups and downs, made some good and pretty bad decisions but I luckily learned from them. Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone and there are many reasons why (ever heard of “The E Myth?“). But I do know that it is for me. And I hope that what you do is for you! The bottom line is I just don’t like doing things that I don’t think are fun…probably to a fault at times (like laundry haha). My mantra: Life is Short. Have fun 🙂  Til next time!


Find Laura at So.Be.Fit. 1134 E. 54TH STREET INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46220 PHONE: 317.697.1939 EMAIL: SOBEFITINDY@LIVE.COM.

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