Live Your Film

Summer Beer Run Challenge // #filmbeerrun

by Team Film


f95963c5-fcd0-48fc-b8df-889805d3e412It’s 154 miles to Three Floyd’s Brewing Co. from Indy and we’re thirsty! For the month of July, we want you to join us at Three Floyd’s and celebrate with a big ole hells-to-yeah toast! Anyone who bikes, runs, hikes, swims, spins or crawls those 154 (no matter where you LIVE) will be entered into a drawing to win a twelve pack of Three Floyd’s, courtesy of Team Film. It’s up to you how you log 154 miles. Post your plan and progress to Facebook , tweet it at @team_film #filmbeerrun or Instagram a photo of yourself in action @goteamfilm. When you’ve reached Three Floyd’s, email to be entered into our drawing! Good luck. We can’t wait to see you at Three Floyd’s for a cold one.

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