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Sneaking in a Run

by Holly Wheeler

2013an-be0003-web Taking your kid to camp or practice in the early morning just to sneak in a run … yeah, I’ve been doing it lately. It’s not lying or cheating, but it’s kind of thrill-seeking if you don’t tell the whole truth. Don’t judge me—my husband fully supports my running as I fully support his cycling. But when our jobs allow us a little extra time off  together in the summer, it becomes tough to be the one to fit in the workout first and not lug three kids all over the universe. This week, I took my son to Butler University Basketball Camp for the first time in four years. For the past several years, I’ve handled camp pick-up in the afternoon (around 4 p.m. rush hour—allowing my husband to leave for his evening ride), but I finally figured out how to use innocent deception with time management. It was too early to wake the other kids but early enough for a great run on the Central Canal Towpath and the Indianapolis Museum of Art , near Butler University and check-in for my camper. I was giddy knowing that when I dropped off my son and his friend, I would be running along the White River on the soft, crushed gravel towpath, around the trails of the scenic 100 Acres, leading me back where the hip, 20-somethings live—Broad Ripple. I said goodbye with an excited smile and wave, and reminded them to have fun and do their best (because I was about to do the same). I felt my freedom as I parked along the block of college rentals on Indianapolis’s Graceland Avenue. I started off on the Central Canal and just kept on running. I saw turtles, a baby beaver (I know … laugh), a treehouse and flowers blooming everywhere. I heard birds chirping. My 4-mile run quickly turned into an 8-miler. I saw early-morning runners on weekdays (which I’m not used to because I’m a teacher). I saw  fit, young college kids running. I saw old ladies walking together and began to reminisce about my running buddies and how we would also be too old to run someday. We’d be walking as retirees taking in the freedom in an entirely different way. Not many times these days do I run long without Team Film, but I did today. I missed them, but I also knew I could share how I escaped the daily monotony and got an unbelievable run in by simply volunteering to take a kid to camp. When you need to get away, volunteer to be the driver or act like you need a few things from the store (you probably really need something) and wear your running clothes. Chances are you might be able to extend your trip.  Let me know how you’ve snuck in a workout or extended an errand with a bit of exercise.

  • Kris

    U know ur a runner when a “4 miler just turns into an 8 miler”. Go holly! U rock!

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