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Four Weeks til Baby! Keepin’ It Real During Pregnancy // Pam Nixon

by Team Film

By awesome pregnant gal, guest blogger and Team Film member Pam Nixon. This could be her last post for us before the big day!!!!!

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I have four weeks until go time! The third trimester has been filled with all kinds of funny realizations.

I was born in the ’80s.

I went to a suburban high school in the ’90s. When we learned to drive, it was so important to lean your driver’s seat back as far as you could and take on a left side lean while holding the top of the steering wheel with your right hand. I was leaning so far back that I was almost looking out the left backseat window. After all, that is how Dre and Snoop did it. I hadn’t thought about this lean back riding posture until I found myself doing it on a spin bike on Monday. There was no Snoop playing at the time, but my back was literally in an obtuse angle to my quads because my legs were hitting my giant belly.

Realization #1: It’s a good thing this thing takes 40 weeks and not 50. You really do keep getting bigger the whole time.

I meet a coworker to run a few times a week on weekday mornings.

He is a father of two, so I trust his parenting instincts. He is generally cautious about lightning. We run in rain, snow, wind and thunder, but lightning and ice storms are where he likes to draw the line. I have previously been known to get the “we’re not running in this” text from him and take off out of my front door to try to finish the run before the storm gets too bad. This week he got out of his car and said, “This is a real storm. I’m not doing this,” and I said, “Ok, you’re right.” So I worked out inside.

Realization #2: I apparently take my parenting responsibility seriously. I haven’t researched the effects of lightning strikes on babies prior to birth, but I can’t think it would be good, so I protected the little guy by doing the indoor workout.

I refuse to spend money on maternity clothes when I could spend it on Starbucks or vacations instead.

As a result, I am not the cutest pregnant person ever. Let me introduce you to my black maternity shorts, dresses that I bought in sizes that were too large from 2007-2009 just because they were on sale, and black maternity crop leggings. If you see someone on the street wearing these items, please say hello. I would love to meet you.

Realization #3: I really like Starbucks. And I have used the “I can wear this even after I am pregnant” justification to buy at least six maxi dresses. At the end of the day, shouldn’t we always justify maxi dresses?

People ask me how I feel fairly frequently.

I feel great. My back hurts when I sit down and my feet hurt after I stand at concerts all night, but really, I am doing well. I am 100 percent convinced this is from exercising during pregnancy. I am not setting any world records, but I am out there. I don’t think this feel-goodedness is limited to pregnancy.

In 2006, I was having a stressful job year. Everyone else on my work team had been prescribed anti-anxiety medication or anti-depressants. They said, “How are you doing this? You’re having a hard year and aren’t taking anything.” I thought and thought and thought, and then it came to me, and I said, “I run.” There is no replacement in the world for the feeling you have when you are outside reassuring yourself that you are strong enough to do anything.

Realization #4: Elle Woods was right all along. “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” So true, Elle, so true.

If they let me write blog posts in the future, you better believe you will see these topics soon:

  1. How you feed your baby: do whatever you want. Other people do not know what is right for you and your child.
  2. How you deliver your baby: do whatever you want. Other people do not know what is right for you and your child.
  3. Games I had to play with myself while walking with a jogging stroller because I didn’t have any adults to talk to and I was supposed to only walk for 6 weeks.

UPDATE: Pam’s a new mom to baby Cooper! Read more from Pam’s adventures in pregnancy:


Four Weeks to Go!

Four Weeks to Go!

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    I love your bottom 3 under realization 4. So true!!! For number 3, just dictate your next blog through your device while you’re walking! Lol.

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