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What is Comfortable?

by Franny Bendert

10476073_853310991346286_788143119171567078_oI’m not cynical, but I step cautiously when listening to or reading about absolute solutions and testimonies geared to alter people’s lifestyles: Eating too much sugar will cause dementia. Probably, but no way in hell will I sugar fast for a lifetime. That’s just a small example, but you know what’s out there.

In this social media age, we get it from all directions. My dad used to experiment with fad diets. They each lasted for a short time, but while he was on one, he was vehement each diet made him feel great, until it didn’t and he was back to his normal routine. Comfortable.

What’s wrong with comfortable?

I’m not rejecting well-intentioned efforts for good health. Who would criticize quitting smoking? But if someone tried to quit sugar, they would probably get heckled until they cracked.

There are different playing fields and perspectives. We all need to find our own groove and maintain a lifestyle that feeds our needs. So—you quit soda, but what if once every six weeks looking forward to a cold fountain drink at the right time or right place might just be what keeps us happy, looking forward, and enjoying the journey.

Getting outside your comfort zone is a goal Team Film encourages for all women. Comfortable may seem contradictory to our mission. I don’t mean comfort as in “boring” and “same old same old.” I’m talking comfortable with your sense of self.

In order to build courage to take that leap into a new adventure, your momentum begins when you are comfortable with your choices. Let’s all chill. Read, listen, absorb, live. Find and keep your balance. I’m all for revving up my nutrition, detoxing, or clearing my head and life from clutter. I will decide where my threshold is, and keep making my own, personal choices.

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