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Peace Love Film 4K

by Team Film

Peace…enduring  Love…affecting  Film…living

As a lifestyle for women, Team Film celebrates shared adventures laced heavily with serious fun. And as strong women pumped with motivation and encouragement to pass on our mission, four years ago we developed the Princess for Peace annual run/walk to benefit women and education in our community.  To give balance to our family’s wellbeing along with our own, this event invites family and friends to share our love of running, creative fun (yep—bring your costumes), and support for community.

Ready to rock it out

Ready to rock it out.

This year our event has been renamed PEACE LOVE FILM 4K to capture the essence of our mission to support one another and have a hell of a time doing it!

We are proud to donate our proceeds this year to The Center of Wellness for Urban Women in Indianapolis. This amazing nonprofit empowers women and families to become proactive in their health by improving body, mind and spirit.





Testimonials to share the Peace, feel the Love, and live your Film

The best way to describe our event is by sharing the experiences of past participants.


Becoming princesses for a day with my daughter included shopping together at Goodwill for dresses and tiaras, laughing together as we tried on our purchase, and running together to help others. I’d call that a pretty successful day.”—Dawn Knight

“My 10-year-old daughter, who hates to run, has been begging me for the last 2 years to participate in the Princess for Peace run again. We have had conflicts since running it two years ago, but I promised her this year, WE ARE IN! She even said she would ‘practice’ so she could run more than walk. She had so much fun watching everyone in costume talking, laughing, and actually enjoying exercise.”—Dawn Grinnage

Lifestyle Changes//Hooked for Life:

I was 260lbs, on diabetes and cholesterol medication, tired and grouchy, something had to change … with the encouragement of my family, I put on shorts, laced up my shoes, and headed out for my first ever race, ‘Princess for Peace’ … I learned that day that runners do not judge you. If you show up, no matter how fast or slow, you are a runner. I am still learning and growing as a runner, but since that cold day on the Monon Trail, when I lined up and waited the starting bell with butterflies in my stomach, I was hooked.”—Tom Ayer

Support//Camaraderie//Life Lessons:

“I have done this race with my 3 daughters for the last several years, and it is an inspirational race as a family. It’s an opportunity to teach them about healthy lifestyle and giving to others at the same time—both excellent life lessons.”—Danielle Shockey

“I love that the camaraderie and short distance of this event make it perfect for families. It’s a great way  for families to raise money and awareness for a cause and to complete and run/walk together—double awesome!!”—Page Fleece


Film crew on hand for post race party.


Bring your badass self,  your family and friends, costumes,  and let’s make some memories. This is not a race, but an event to savor and enjoy. We are working with loads of businesses to bring you kick ass food, drink, and prizes. Check our events page for specific details about sponsors and how to register here. This is going to just keep getting bigger!




Peace out, Love more, and live your Film.

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