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Diets? Nah—Just Living Healthier

by Team Film

Stacia Matthews is Public Relations Manager at Indiana Spine Group but perhaps is best known as a reporter on WRTV-TV Channel 6, where she worked for 23 years. She’s awesome, so enjoy!

Clydesdale Category?

My friends will tell you I hate to work out. They know me well. I’ve tried personal trainers and gyms.  There’s nothing worse than the grueling task of hitting the machines. Besides, I’m a walker… a serious one… who has completed 4 full marathons and close to 2 dozen halves. But unless I had been dieting before a race I was always reminded of my healthy hips and thick thighs. Even some of the registration forms remind me now of my size with the “Clydesdale” category.

Time to make changes

TFDespite carrying extra pounds, my blood pressure had always been below normal: 116/68. I was proud of those digits, but premature menopause changed all of that. I’m an African-American female, with a family history of hypertension, and my numbers were climbing. My doctor prescribed 2 blood pressure medications. Unfortunately, one of the side effects: the texture of my hair changed. I thought, “Not my crown!” But keeping my blood pressure in check was more important than my hair.

While on one of my latest and greatest diets last year, my cardiologist told me if I dropped another 15 pounds I could come off the pills. The catch; “Stop yo-yo dieting and find something to add to the walking.” URG! He released me as a patient and sent me on my way. A few weeks later, I accepted a challenge to be a celebrity “bopper” for Bop to the Top… a 36 floor stair climb up the One America Building–that’s 780 steps and 500 feet straight up. I had 6 weeks to get ready with the help of a local trainer. I bopped to the top in 15 minutes, coming in second in my age group. Not bad. But I thought, Stacia, you’re still overweight and soft, and you’ve lost muscle mass after years of yo-yo dieting.

While organizing a 5K last May for work, I stopped by Fitbody Bootcamp (FBBC) about doing business with us. Little did I know, the owner would invite me to “try it for a month”.  The very idea of boot camp was scary, but the classes are only 30 minutes. I thought what the heck? During that first class, I never grunted and sweated so much in my life. Still, I came back…and kept coming back… easing into exercises as I grew stronger. Within a couple of weeks, I noticed how good I felt. No real changes in my body, though, but I persisted. I dreaded the classes, but liked the way I felt. When the scale showed I had slimmed down, I thought: let’s see what else can happen.


A lot has happened in the past 6 months. I’m not dieting, but eating healthier. I’m slimmer – down 16 pounds – stronger and more toned. And, I no longer take my main blood pressure medication!

Next goal:  Get off the second pill. There’s accountability at FBBC. Getting measured, weighed and motivated help me stay on course! I still don’t like to work out, but I’m addicted to boot camp! No two classes are the same. They push me harder than I’d push myself. Sometimes I motivate myself to make an exercise more challenging. There’s something inspiring about that. I finally found something that’s quick and effective. A friend, who also happens to be a personal trainer, told me she wants to meet the people who have me in a gym 3 times a week.  I told her to come join me anytime!!

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