Live Your Film

Your New Year for Three New Things

by Team Film


Push the envelope

Team Film is all about supporting and encouraging women to push the envelope. For some, it might be simply replacing a neighborhood running route by finding a trail at a state park. For others, it’s the accomplishment of tackling a new sport, trying a new diet, or the thrill of traveling to a new part of the country to fly fish or ice climb. No matter how you choose to raise the stakes, life tends to be more satisfying when you push through your safety bubble. This year, we want our members and fans to think about the choices you make to “live your film” and challenge you to make some changes to try new things.

Vast choices

Transform 2015

The idea is that your life (your 2015) is not made or transformed or defined by what you buy, think or have. It’s what you DO that matters and really changes you. Try 3 New Things in January to kickstart a year to be proud of–one that makes you excited and better. Make it a year of accomplishment and stepping outside your comfort zone–starting with January and setting a habit of trying new things. #3newthings

Not your average workout


3 Questions

Post/comment what you do or commit to in January using #3newthings on this blog and social media. We want to know:
1. The new thing
2. Why it was (or will be) tough to you
3. How was it? Or what you want to get out of it–if it’s planned for later in 2015.
We will engage with you as you celebrate your accomplishments and let you cheer others on. #3newthings should encourage conversations and provide opportunity for you, our members and fans, to blog about your experiences, efforts, and of course your failures. We are only human and it’s more about process than product. Sometimes you have to laugh or cry. Either way, we want to know!
This doesn’t have to be a tired old New Year’s resolution. Switch it up. Smash out new experiences. Write a blog. Use your member perks. Just try some new things.
Roads less traveled

Roads less traveled

The road even lesser traveled

Roads even lesser traveled

  • Casey Kenley

    I am 1.) training to run a 100-mile trail race (first attempt will make it tough!), and expect to be super proud when I cross the finish line. 2.) Taking a bucket-list vacation to Paris; exploring a new city/country is definitely outside my comfort zone, and I want to take home incredible memories and eat a lot–ha! 3.) Still working on that third of my #3newthings!

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