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50 Mile Journey // #3newthings

by Team Film

Running wild and free

Wild, free, and exploring

Krystal Thompson, who typically finds her peace climbing rock faces in Kentucky, is off and running in 2015 to try #3newthings, but stepping outside of her comfort zone wasn’t an easy choice. (More on #3newthings is here.) Thanks for sharing, Krystal!

There are two different kinds of people. You’ve heard this before? Humor me for a moment as I expand upon my theory of “types of people.” There are two different types of people in this world: those who sit idly and let the world pass them by, and those who seek out adventure and explore the world.  You can choose, and I chose to explore life.

 Transitions are hard, ruts are easy

I know what you’re thinking … why do I care? I moved to Indiana this summer from Illinois. As my husband and I moved into our new house and settled in, I found myself alone. I didn’t have my friends to take long bike rides or go climbing with, and I didn’t have my mom to talk politics, religion and all the other topics you’re never supposed to discuss with anyone else in fear of offending.

I had a life of Netflix and sleeping on my incredibly large, sectional sofa. I had a life of boredom wrapped in unrealistic hunger. I found myself walking to the fridge multiple times in a matter of minutes just to stand in front of the lighted, cold box and listen to the hum of the ice being made. I wasn’t really hungry; I was just looking for something to do. I waited for my husband to come home and entertain me. I was pathetic.

 Film love and encouragement

Then, this past fall, I met and fell in love with Team Film. I am not a hopeless romantic, but this relationship helped save me from what I would consider “loserdom.” For those of you unaware of this word, it is a mix of loser and boredom I created in a state of boredom when I first moved to Indiana and had no friends. I joined Team Film in early September. It took one run with Holly and Casey for me to punch my ticket and become a filmer.

My involvement in Team Film grew as the fall went on, and I began to meet and run with more and more women. These women were my partners and my encouragement as I trained and attempted to qualify for Boston at the Indianapolis Monumental. Of course, I would have my doubts about if I could qualify and if I was going to be in good shape. Not once did any of these women ever sputter the word if. It was not a matter of if I could in any of their minds. I began to see a change in how I viewed myself as a marathoner, competitor and overall runner.

photo 2-2

Boston bound!

Cutting to the chase, I did it. I qualified. And I didn’t do it alone.  I come from a background of team running, so that feeling of camaraderie and support from the filmers the last 800 meters of the marathon made me switch gears and push it in to the finish. I remember passing them thinking, “Shit. I am in. I did it.” These women believed in me. When the time came for me to think about what I wanted to accomplish for 2015, it was no wonder my husband said, “Why don’t you talk to your Team Film girls? You know they will help you find some crazy adventure to try for 2015. And, you know some of them are crazy enough to join you.” 

photo 1-3

Sisters in training

The next day, I went on a run with a few of the girls. By the end of the run, the decision was made. I was going to run my first 50-mile race. I simply talked to Holly and Leann about what it was like to run and train for that distance. When I found out Leann already signed up, and Casey would be running the 100 (yes she is!), the idea was solidified. I could train with Leann and Casey, and I knew I could talk Holly into running some mileage with me. She is like my big sister, and even though she didn’t sign up for the race, she will end up training with me anyway. I went home after the 15-mile run, opened up my computer, and signed up for the race. It was that easy.

What are you choosing in 2015?

What is the point I am trying to make? You do not have to choose to be idle. I was unhappy this summer, but I chose unhappiness. There is always the option to get up and explore. I did not have to choose to watch Netflix every day. When Netflix stops the show and tries to encourage you to explore, and you choose to click “Continue Watching,” you are allowing yourself to sink into a static state. When we discourage ourselves and make excuses for ourselves, we negate the opportunities to discover new friendships, discover new adventures, and discover who we are. No person is born innately boring. So take the journey. My 2015 goal is to run a 50-mile race, but I must remember that the journey is the goal. And I am going to enjoy every moment of it.

Meet up with Team Film to choose something new to try in 2015. Visit our events page and show up! 



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