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An Indy Voice on Athleta’s ‘Power to the She’

by Team Film


Behind all that awesome gear, Athleta is building community around the “Power to the She.” Guest blogger Jen Mayer, General Manager of Athleta Indianapolis (Fashion Mall at Keystone), reveals the heart of  the mantra.  

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Our first Team Film Business member!

We wanted to partner with active women in our community—women who are adventurers, women who have a vibrant spirit, women who want to build relationships with other women—and Team Film is the perfect fit!

It means Yes. 

Power to the She means possibility and empowerment to us as a team. It means Yes.

Yes, we can meet each other where we are, love the present, and aspire for more in the future. Yes, we are willing to try new things and maybe fail spectacularly, but we’re going to get back up and know we had a great time trying. Power to the She is all about the living moment—being fully present, trying to achieve something for ourselves.

build each other up

It’s important we take whatever opportunity and platform we are given, within our social circles and within our communities, to empower ourselves and others. Finding ways to build each other up, celebrate the effort behind an endeavor (no matter how big or small) and recognize that we are all beautiful, complex individuals trying to carve out our own path.

We all need a place that’s a well of energy and ideas, somewhere we are accepted and encouraged—when we can rely on that positivity, anything feels possible.

feel confident and comfortable

Our customers are definitely looking for great gear with really cool technical features like engineered perforations for breathability or unstinkable fabric that combats odors, but we’re all looking for pieces that make us feel great. We all want to feel confident and comfortable—whether it’s running to the grocery or running a marathon.

We are happy to offer a shopping experience tailored to you—just give us a call at the store and we can set you up with a stylist who understands what you want! Another great thing people don’t know is that Athleta has been around since 1998, offering our Give it a Workout Guarantee. We want you to love the product: take it home, road test it, and if you don’t love it…bring it back (the receipt makes it super easy)!

Yep. In-store yoga with Team Film.

The store team is crazy about so many things—running, barre, yoga, pilates, lifting, crossfit, cycling, dancing, meditation, healthy  eating, notsohealthy eating. We do it all—we are Athleta!

We are proud to call Athleta an active business member of Team Film! It’s easy to see how our Team Film/Athleta partnership make us dangerous enablers for each other.

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