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“Live Your Film” Movement // Molly + Megan + Gretchen

by Team Film

This spring, we’re asking Team Film members to tell us how they “live their film” and give shout-outs to women they’re crazy over who are living their film, too. Anyone, everyone, can live her film.

Molly Knapp speaks the truth…

One of Molly's many film moments. Go girl!

One of Molly’s many film moments. Go girl! (She’s the one in the blue.)

I took a chance … without a plan. I left my secure corporate finance job with no idea what was next. With that crazy decision, I found myself again. I found myself while running, while biking, while falling on my face at the gym (TRX fail!), and while practicing yoga. I took a chance, truly connected with my mind, body and soul again.

Fast forward one year, and I couldn’t be happier. Adventures planned for 2015: Half marathon, fingers crossed for a marathon, first trail race, finally mastering the clip in and most importantly clip out on the road bike, sprint tri, 30-day yoga challenge and keeping my heart open to whatever else may come my way.

Film shout-out to Mom…

My mom, Rosemary Steiger, has been living her adventurous film for 79 years! Mother to 7 children and amazing wife is just the beginning of her film. Today, you will find this always-polished lady walking on the Monon Trail, volunteering, taking advantage of her crazy intellect (she IS the smartest woman I know), playing a mean game of Bridge, spending time on one of her many hobbies, and at the same time, still being an incredible mom and grandmother. (Let’s be honest, she is still who we call when we really need to talk!)

Megan Watson spills…

Megan Watson stays healthy on the trails with a girl’s real best friend.

I live my film by owning responsibility for my health, and ultimately, my happiness. I invest in my body and my soul through running, rock climbing, eating well, and cultivating positive relationships with family, friends and colleagues. I would encourage everyone to invest time in themselves and to be proactive in creating a healthy and BADASS life. You get one chance—LIVE IT!

Film shout-out to Ali….

I’m proud to be friends with Ali, who lives her film by going on countless adventures in the American Southwest. She moved to Colorado last year and is always enjoying her own environment as well as taking weekend trips to places like Zion, Sedona and Canyonlands. I am eternally proud of her and love watching her live her film.


Gretchen Harter shares…

We say this chic has a good eye and a good heart!

We say this chick has a good eye and a good heart!

 Flea Market Film!  Antiquing is not only my passion, but also my job!  A life-long dream of owning an antique business with my sister has finally come true! We live our film daily buying, staging and selling! (Ironically this is not my sister/business partner in the picture!).   Check us out on Facebook: HoosierSister.

Film shout-out to Lydia…

Mother to 5 children and she owns and operates a successful meal business. Lydia will also be participating in her first triathlon relay this summer!



Stay tuned for more exciting film! (You! Yes, you)

-Team Film Founders

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