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“Live Your Film” Movement // Page + Rachel + Christy + Julia

by Team Film

This spring, we asked Team Film members to tell us how they “live their film” and give shout-outs to women they’re crazy over who are living their film, too. Anyone, everyone, can live her film.

Page Fleece gets outside…

Film shout-out to Nancy…


Rachel Rogers gets back out there post baby…

Sisters Rachel (right)  and Casey before the Rock & Root 30K.

Sisters Rachel (right) and Casey before the Rock & Root 30K.

Living my film means never underestimating myself. This past year, I registered for a 30K trail run (my longest distance to date). Shortly after registering, I discovered I was expecting my first little one! Instead of postponing my race, I trained, and crossed the finish line (several months pregnant) with a Team Film buddy by my side. The next challenges to face: Getting a 10-week-old to sleep AND getting back in trail-running shape!

Film shout-out to Casey…

My sister, Casey Kenley, is living her film too! She trained, bled, and iced (and iced and iced) to prepare for her first hundred-miler in April—and finished it! Go Casey!

Christy VanFleet conquers her fear and gets after “bucket list” goal…

I intend to live my film within the next 365 days by checking off a bucket list item on or before 6-1-16.
I am going to complete a 70.3 Ironman. What has held me back from this until now is the swim portion of the TRI. I have always had a fear of drowning and I do not like putting my face in the water. I often hear people say “I know you don’t want to mess up your hair.” Trust me when I say I have no issues getting my hair wet. In fact, I can backstroke like a professional, which definitely means my hair gets wet. The backstroke is not a great stategy for a 1.2 mile swim for two reasons:
A. You run over people in the water because you can’t see them.
B. It takes far too much needed energy.
I have continually put this off for the last five years. This is the year I face one of my biggest fears. I will somehow conquer the swim and complete a 70.3 Ironman. Now that’s livin’ my film.


This beautiful face will be facedown in the water! Half Ironman training begins.


Film shout out to Yvonne…

Shout to my girl Yo! Yvonne Scott is my friend and former boot camp instructor from the YMCA in Olathe, Kansas! She drove me to push the limits. Love her–she is a bad ass!



Julia Shildmyer-Heighway shares what she has learned from tragedy…

Julia in 2014 finishing up a 5K in Haleiwa Beach Park on North Shore, Hawaii.

Julia in 2014 finishing up a 5K in Haleiwa Beach Park on North Shore, Hawaii.

Julia’s son Riley was in a terrible car accident in 2014. In response to our request about what “living your film” means to her, she shared this Facebook post she wrote in August 2014. 
As I ran this morning (Rob made me for both his and my mental health), I had time to reflect on this past week. A couple of CSN&Y songs played on my iPod and I thought about when I was 23, like Riley, and listened to these songs and how much has changed in the years since. I envisioned the monitor that hangs above Riley’s bed and the visual display of his heartbeat. It made me reflect on how life should be lived asa heartbeat moves.
A life fully lived moves forward full of peaks and valleys. Those peaks can be extreme challenges or experiences of pure delight. It is up to each individual to create a life full of peaks and not simply small blips. Hopefully, there will be more peaks of delight than hardships. To fully celebrate the human experience, we need to make the most of the time we are given … challenge ourselves, seek new experiences, connect with old friends/make new ones, and love. We must let go of the past, plan for the future but LIVE in the moment. So that’s my thinking for the morning. Life according to Julia.

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-Team Film Founders

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