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It’s Legal … Runners High Tank Giveaway

by Team Film

Runner High tankHow do you reach your Runners High? Tell us and you could win one of our new Runners High tank tops! Just add your comment to this blog post, and you’re entered. (Contest runs thru June 30.)

Here’s some inspiration from Team Film co-founders:


  • masculine, ripped calves in front of me
  • running in the dark in the morning
  • some Coke, beer or jelly beans during a long run


  • Conquering hills and tearing down trails
  • Pushing past my limits, And reaching my goals
  • Soaking in miles of beauty-images of flowers, trees, lakes, creeks, bridges, rabbits, deer and galore.


I find my runner’s high at a certain point of an extra-long race, typically marathon distance or longer. There’s a time after pushing through a wall, of complete inner peace and euphoria that I’m going to finish strong and can enjoy all of my surroundings. I know I’m part of something special and elite.


It comes easy. Once I get motivated to get dressed and out the door, I get a little high about 1 minute into my run. Those first big breaths get me there.


Just leave a comment below and you’re entered to win!

  • Casey

    I get my runners high after a mile or two of running. When my heart is beating just fast enough for it to be a struggle and I know that the run is about to be hard work. Being able to enjoy the earth around me and the moment i become thankful for all that my body can do for me.

  • Jenni Ortman

    I get my runners high when my 9 y/o (who rides his bike with me on my runs) is distracting me when I’m struggling at the end, by singing to me, some how he KNOWS when I’m struggling; He either sings to me or tells me stories which makes me smile and stop focusing on how hard the run is.

  • Shelley laflin

    I get my.high by running with my border he takes ME on runs 🙂

  • Jennifer Oliver-Crith

    I get my runners high tearing through some trails at the Dunes or here in Michigan at the state parks. Especially on a hot humid day, I get so sweaty that I actually get kind of cold. It’s a crazy feeling but it refreshes me and keeps me moving!

  • Lucie

    I got my Runners High 35 years ago when I started running! I thank the good Lord & look forward to & pray for many more years of of a Runners High! Truly a blessing to enjoy the sport. Family, Friends & Fun

  • Nikki Heflin

    A few years ago I lost one of my dear friends to cancer. She was young and a vibrant life of the party beauty. I have always wanted to run a marathon in her honor and raise money for a charity she started before she passed, Christ is My Big C.i have yet to reach my goal of a full marathon, but on long runs while training for halfs I often envision that goal and I get so wrapped up in thinkin about it I start going faster and miles click by. It sounds sad, but it isn’t, I’m totally happy thinking about her and my goal!!

  • Michelle Moore

    I get my high after pushing through the first mile or so. I find my stride and my breathing is on point!

  • robin Walker

    I get my Runner’s High about 10 minutes into my run. Once I develop a good sweat and breathing pattern I leave my worries, troubles, tiredness, and any other negativity’s behind and merge into the sublime feeling only endurance athletes know and love to experience each day. At age 60 I’d have to say I’ve made some of my best life decisions while experiencing my Runner’s High; I wish I could be in it all day long!

  • lisa bell @gigglemomster

    As soon as I hit the trail, I get an insta-high, I see deer, squirrels, quail, bunnies and more. Its almost like they are there cheering me on. Go Lisa GO!

  • Karen Yott

    Karen Yott

    I get my Runner’s High running on a trail being close to nature.

  • Gretchen

    It’s summer. I get my runner’s high when I get a minute to myself! Love my kids…but I just want to f@&king run!

  • Rebecca

    I get my runners high when I know I have someone waiting for me to run in the dark, running while the world sleeps, pushing myself towards new goals and the encouragement of strong role

  • Hillary

    I get my runner’s high as soon as I see the finish line/endpoint. As soon as I set my eyes on it, I start sprinting, giving every ounce of energy I have left to that last stretch of the race. This makes it that much more of a high finishing with absolutely nothing left (also my dog can’t keep up, which makes me feel even faster).

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