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Team Film “It Girl” // Denise McMillan

by Team Film

No coincidence…you saw Denise earn the Planet Adventure  Badass Award after the Eagle Creek Night Trail run in June. In her own words, find out how she got started, meet the loves of her life, and see why she’s the coolest “Gigi” around.

Denise confides (in her sassy Aussie accent), “I believe there are no coincidences. Team Film came into my life at exactly the right time.  After reading an article in ‘Kit’ magazine, I knew I wanted in with this group of women.”  (See that article here). ” In 2013, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  My treatment included surgery and radiation.  I consider myself one of the lucky ones. It was a wake up call for me–an opportunity to live my life authentically and wholly. There were a lot of major events in my life that year.  My youngest daughter moved out, I ended a long term relationship, and started a new life for myself moving to Broad Ripple.”

New Start to my Film

Making some changes, Denise began to live her film.  She shares, “Living on the Monon encouraged me to start running again.  Very short distances at first, slowly building speed and distance. Something happened during this time.  I started to feel stronger emotionally and physically.  When I ran, I felt invincible–nothing could get me. I was safe in that moment.  After awhile, I added to my fitness routine.  I started spinning classes and incorporated weight training and yoga.”
Then came Team Film.  “From my first run with these positive, energetic, and spirited women, I felt at home.  Over the last year, they have encouraged and inspired me to try new things, to step out of my comfort zone, and challenge myself.  I feel more empowered and in control of my life than I’ve ever been, and I thank my Team Film friends for their part in this journey.”

Call me GiGi

“I love my life and I’m blessed to have great friends, health, love and laughter.  Next month, I will be a Grandmother–how exciting! I can’t wait to teach my Granddaughter to face her fears, to challenge herself always, to be a strong, proud woman; and most importantly, to always live her Film.”
Editor’s note: Prior to this publication, Denise welcomed her grandaughter Lily, who will call Denise “Gigi.” Denise has been an integral part of Team Film’s membership family, as she shows us how to always hope, embrace change, and keep positive vibes.


  • Susan

    Denise is a lovely, inspirational woman. What a lucky little girl Lily is!

  • Beth Goodrich

    Denise – You are such an inspiration to me. Your strength, optimism, and relentless courage have given me the determination to get through my most challenging times. I am a better person because you have been a part of my life!

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