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‘Laid Back Fun’ : Mission Accomplished

by Team Film

You never know what you are capable of until you just go out and do it!”


Go Team Laid Back Fun!

Getting outside your comfort zone is part of the Team Film mission.  Having serious fun is also part of the mission.  Connecting with other teammates and feeling supported–yes, part of the Team Film mission.  Stacey Davis and Britany Fitzwater met through Team Film and fulfilled all parts of the Film mission with their first adventure race. Mission accomplished.


11393195_846663592053765_5755832057308834037_n“The event is part of a series called Unbridled Adventure Race.  Our team, Laid Back Fun, consists of 3 trail runners looking for new experiences. Britany and I met through Team Film. All three of us are also Indy Trail Runners. It was the first race of that type for Britany and me. Jim has some experience from years before,”  Stacey Davis explains.  

 “Early in the morning we got a map with 20 check points on it. We had about 2 hours to create routes and plan the day. Then we had 6 hours to find as many check points as possible. Check points were hanging in trees in the woods off trails. We had to locate and get to them however possible. We had mountain bikes most of the way. Sometimes we had to push/carry them. Other times completely drop the bikes to run, climb, hike or canoe to get where we needed. One of the check points was inside a cave. We camped the night before. ”  

Does this motivate you to try something new?

Britany Fitzwater also adds to the story, “The theme was ‘keep moving forward’. It was physically and mentally demanding, requiring us to not give up if we overshot or undershot a checkpoint. We worked as a team to find each one and high-fived every time we saw the orange and blue in the trees. It was a great team and a personal growth experience. You never know what you are capable of until you just go out and do it!”

11401389_10207186909095508_7154211554288005203_n We are all capable, so take a risk and sign up for something new! Live your film and have some serious laid-back fun while you’re at it.





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