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Team Film “It Girl”// Alexis Travers

by Team Film

Whether taking the GRE, applying for grad schools or nailing that headstand in yoga class, Alexis finds small steps make a huge difference…along with the support of amazing women.

Look at this girl go!

I started my journey living my film about a year ago when I moved to Indy for my job. I loved all that there was to do and see in this city! I started trying new things like yoga, trail running, and barre classes. Then I stumbled upon Team Film and immediately joined so that I can better pursue my goals and have the support of some badass women along the way. I am a big believer that small steps can make a huge difference, and by just lacing up those shoes that first morning, I managed to make a big impact on my life. I went from being intimated by runners, to running 5ks for fun. I have roughed some injuries along the way, had some yoga class fails (how do people bend that way?!), and struggled through a TRX class, but the journey is still a blast! My goals (both fitness and otherwise) are to continue to try new things, be active every freaking day, and hopefully be able to nail that headstand in yoga class!

Lowdown on Alexis

Recent races or adventures?– I participated in the Color Run 5k in early June with some friends and had an amazing time! (editor’s note-Alexis added “none since then unless you count taking the GRE and applying for grad schools”-we certainly do, Alexis!)

Go to friend to get you motivated to be active?– Shout out to Kendal and Summer, my good friends, fitness freaks and go-to motivators.IMG_6397

Go to workout?– Definitely yoga, got to de-stress and unwind after hectic days.

Favorite food?– All of it! I am such a foodie.

Theme song?Tonight is the Night by Outasight, always gets me pumped for a run.

Occupation?– Dietitian at Eskenazi Shock Trauma Center

Favorite quote?– “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world and there’s still going to be someone who hates peaches.”


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