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What We Learned in the Wild

by Team Film

Stopping for lunch midway through Day 1.

Stopping for lunch midway through Day 1.

Last weekend, Aug. 22-23, 19 amazing women backpacked into Deam Wilderness to spend the night alongside the banks of Lake Monroe in Hoosier National Forest. Many of us knew one another. Many of us had never laid eyes on one another. While we were in it for the fun, adventure and chance to get away from civilization for a couple days, we also learned a few things along the way. Enjoy the recap.


Awesome video about what adventure means to Team Film backpackers, shot by DNK Presents with audio caught moments before heading out on the trail.



 — words of wisdom by Ellen Leonard overheard at camp 


There are surprisingly few bugs out there, sleeping on the ground isn’t all that bad, and hiking is WAY more fun with friends.

Rebecca Scheer


It was fun to go on an adventure with real women with real lives who are brave enough to be themselves, especially in front of new people.

I learned that water from the lake purified by UV rays doesn’t taste that bad, but I admit I peed in the lake and will think about that if I need to purify my water on the next trip.

I learned that just adjusting a backpack to make it fit correctly makes all the difference in the world, like 15-20 pounds.

That a little bit of adventure goes a long way. — Maria Harper




  • I loved every single minute!
  • I appreciate all the knowledge shared about backpacking — packing the backpack and putting it on, cooking, how to use the stoves, the French press for the Nalgene water bottle, food, EVERYTHING!
  • Loved the surprise swag — REI water bottle and Rusted Moon cup
  • My favorite thing about the trip is that I only knew 3 people. I felt welcome the whole entire time. Rock on Team Film
  • Thanks for sharing alcohol — I didn’t bring any.


  • None

Additional Notes (the best part):

I had no idea that I would meet SO many incredible women. I have 18 new friends — how fantastic is that?? Thank you so much for a great weekend.

The idea of micro adventures is a wonderful way to get introduced to something new. There isn’t a huge investment and you have an opportunity to try something new to see if it is enjoyable. When’s the next adventure?

I have already planned my next camping trip and found an easy backpacking trip to take my fam! If Team Film and DNK Presents didn’t offer this trip, I don’t know if I would have ever backpacked. Thanks Team Film! Karen Hale Yott


Team Film is all about connections and our backpacking trip in the wilderness made many connections happen! Women who were already connected got closer through a little suffering on the hike, putting up tents together and skinny dipping. New friends were made during campfire talks and passes of the bottle. We connected with our leaders DNK and hope to have further adventures with them. TF even connected with other campsites through TF shenanigans, our neighbors wanted to join the fun! A quick 36 hours built some strong bonds. — Hillary Church


“Smells Like High School”

by Danielle Wolter Nolan  and Kate Nolan (our fearless DNK guides) 

19 women came near and far

Deep in the woods they raised the bar 😉

We hiked eight miles with no complaints

Everyone was smiling even with the dehydrated food we ate

We had Ironwomen, ultrarunners and marathoners in the group

We made up one badass troupe

Lake Monroe greeted us when we arrived

It wasn’t long before we all took a dive

Our neighbors turned out to be friendly in Deam

They even offered to share their bottle of Beam

We drank some beer and sang some songs

We may have stayed up a little too long

The next day came — sun shining bright

We sat by the lake and shared a bite

We packed up our tents and stuffed our packs

It was now time for us to head back

We left our mark that weekend in Deam

For the rest of our lives we’ll love the Team


What I learned in Deam Wilderness:

  • When you spend a day with strangers on a trail carrying a pack, you learn the coolest things about their lives and personalities. It makes me want to pry open the story of more and more women.
  • Jim Beam is no one’s friend.
  • You should always travel with someone who knows about pressure points and therapeutic teas.
  • Women share a bond that is innate and electric. Sometimes we need to get out in the woods to share it and feel it. That’s what happened in Deam. — Casey Kenley


What I learned in the wilderness that weekend was the soul needs to get away sometimes and let go and laugh. Forgetting all cares even if it’s just for a couple of days. You come back with new strength to keep going even stronger.

Britany Fitzwater


 Thank you, everyone! We love you!

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