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Team Film “It Girl”//Dawn Knight

by Team Film

“But life without meaning is the torture of restlessness and vague desire…. It is a boat longing for the sea and yet afraid.” — Edgar Lee Masters “George Gray”

Tough mudder with the hubby

Tough mudder with the hubby

Sleeping on a rooftop under a mosquito net and the stars, traveling to remote villages, bathing in a river, and showering with a tarantula – these Dominican Republic wonders sparked in me a sense of curiosity and adventure. Since then, I have hang-glided in Rio de Janeiro, backpacked Europe with my son, skydived in Hawaii, and sailed for a week on an aircraft carrier (my son is in the United States Navy), among others, because “I cannot rest from travel: I will drink life to the lees” (Alfred Lord Tennyson).

When I hit my 40s, aside from forgetting everyday words (and subsequently playing charades through conversations) and having to make the text on my phone the size of Donald Trump’s ego, I witnessed friends and family members face serious health issues, including my best friend’s metastatic breast cancer. Never have I been more acutely aware of my healthy body, something I now refuse to take for granted. So, I work out, which also eases my stress, enhances my mood, boosts my immune system, and makes me stronger and more energetic. Still, I am not intrinsically motivated to do it. I don’t get up early to work out, and sometimes I’d rather just chill. I have to make it fun, varied, and challenging. Riding bikes, hiking, doing yoga, going to Orange Theory, finishing Dances with Dirt and Tough Mudder, and trying new things with Team Film make working out not a chore, but another adventure.


Skydiving in Hawaii

Carpe the shit out of your diem

Life is too short for what if’s and if only’s. My husband and I made a pact that we would live our life together with no regrets and full of adventure. Travel has been an important factor, but it goes beyond that. When I wanted to write a book, he encouraged me to do it. When he wanted to open his own business, I encouraged it. And when he wanted to open another, Grand Junction Brewing Co., I did it with him. We make everyday tasks, like running errands, adventures, too, because that is what life should be. We only get one chance at life, and we should live every single breath. So, I basically carpe the shit out of my diem.


On the flight deck of an aircraft carrier leaving Hawaii: Dawn’s son A.J.  is manning the rails as they pass the USS Arizona Memorial.

  • Linda Robinson

    Well said, dear daughter. Life is an adventure and you never know what awaits you around the next corner. Some adventures you invite in and even create for yourself. Others you’d just rather shove under the table. But no matter, these adventures make us who we are. Planned or not, full steam ahead and head held high! Carrie diem!! Yes!! I hope I’m living that out myself!!

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