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July “IT” Girl Molly Knapp: Saying Goodbye to Should, Would, & Could

by Team Film

Living my film means saying goodbye to should, would, and could.  Now, I say I will try anything once, and say “I DID”! For 12 months I said yes…and their verdict:  


Sprint triathlon – Verdict: Didn’t really train for it, felt like a flopping fish in the water, wore out my bike brakes on any sort of “hill” at Eagle Creek. Thank goodness the run saved me. The rest, not quite my thing.
First marathon – Verdict: LOVED it! The training and support of Team Film members was truly the very best part of the whole experience.
IMG_7592 (1)

Blood, sweat, and tears–totally worth it!

Girls’ trip with Team Film friends – Verdict: While I was a little hesitant at first because we didn’t know each other particularly well, it was truly one of the most fun getaway weekends.

A lotta film lovin’ going around.

Decided not to stress out about Christmas – Verdict: Seriously, people want to come and celebrate, they don’t care about your fancy cooking or cloth napkins. It turned out to be the best Christmas ever.
Year 2 as a snowbird – Verdict: It was 15 degrees and snowing in Indiana, and I was running on the beach. What do you think?
Dances with Dirt – Verdict: Cold, muddy and wet. Thank goodness for the good company, but I think I will leave the muddy trails for the other Team Film stars.
Became a certified spin instructor – Verdict: I love music, love to sweat and love to encourage people to live their best life. This sure seems like a perfect fit.
Shameless plug … come ride with me at or the Jordan YMCA. I promise you a good sweat and lots of fun!

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