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Taking on Dances with Dirt: Check out Austin’s First Time!

by Team Film

Vicious 600’ ridges, breathtaking natural beauty and wicked trails abound.

Vicious 600’ ridges, breathtaking natural beauty and wicked trails abound.

In the fall of 2015, I was introduced to Team Film through a friend and learned about the Dances with Dirt race coming in May 2016.  All the excitement from the Team Film members got me going and I signed up, not knowing exactly what I was in for.  I’ve never been a runner but I thought, this is a team event, I can do this!

My goal was to just complete the race, since it was my first one.  I wasn’t in it to finish first or win any big prizes.  I wanted to say that I completed something that I never in my life thought I would do!  I started training with a fellow team film member, Lori Hilden, at Fort Ben.  It was tough, but with her help and support, I pushed myself to run up to 6 miles on a trail run.  I was ready for action!

That day, we decided that I would start the race.  I thought I’ve got this!  My beer hat was propped on my head; tutu, beer sleeves, cowbell, beer socks and team film shirt were on.  I was ready to go!

Blood, Sweat and Tears riding in style.

Blood, Sweat and Tears riding in style.

7:30 am came and the start of the race was announced as I was running to the starting line.  Oops, probably not a good way to start the race.  I had to run to catch up to the rest of the racers but I soon caught up to the back of the pack.  The first hill came and I panicked.  This was much more than the hills in Fort Ben, how am I going to finish this leg, let alone the rest of the race!  I pushed on.  My team was counting on me!  I had to make it through!  I ended up being one of the last to finish the leg but I made it!  I rang that cowbell around my neck to let everyone know I was coming!  I didn’t give up!  That cowbell helped to push myself and my other teammates through the rest of the legs of the race.  We were the loudest team for sure and even helped to support the rest of our fellow team film ladies as they finished their legs.  It was awesome!  I’ve never felt so much support to finish anything, let along my first race ever!  Each team was there for each other to make sure we finished our legs of the race.  We even won second place for our awesome Blood, Sweat and Beers costumes!

I spoke with another race team while we ate dinner afterwards and I told them it was my first race.  They said “that is like having your “first time” with Antonio Banderas, you can’t ever go back from that!”  So true, my first race helped me make wonderful connections with new people and be a little crazy all at the same time…a first time I will always remember!

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