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Team Film Health Adventure Reboot

by Team Film

Here we go Ladies! Team Film Health Adventure Reboot!

Please join us for our second Health Adventure 6 week Health Challenge starting this Sunday, Sept. 18.

Yep! That's me!

I don’t know about you, but I have definitely fallen off the wagon since our last adventure. With kids home over summer break, vacations and then the start of school, I have defaulted to quick processed meals that are easy but full of junk and I am lucky to get a few workouts in weekly. With today’s chaotic schedules it is hard to find time for ourselves, so our next Health Adventure will focus on small easy and “simple” ways to add health back into our lives.

Each week Coach Stacey Davis, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, will post our weekly challenge that will focus on a simple healthy activity to help you get back on the wagon. Do what you can! Join us for all six weeks or just one. Whatever works for you!

And of course, we want your input. Let us know how you are doing, suggestions on that week’s topic or just a funny commentary on your experiences. We love a good sense of humor! Look forward to a mid-adventure social and end of adventure celebration!

The wagon has stopped ~ time to climb back on ladies!

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