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Just Say Yes! by Betsy Bradley

by Team Film

Just Say “Yes”

Ever find yourself in a rut? You wake up and every day is the same, the perpetual gerbil wheel. It’s one of those life experiences everyone has at some point; you wake up, work, adult (clean, pay bills, run errands, etc.), go to bed, get up and do it all over again. Before you know it, it’s been months. I got stuck in one of those ruts. My only real focus was work, and I was working A LOT. The two-job shuffle became just about the only thing I ever did; I was miserable. So, I found a new job.


I’ve dabbled in running myself, having run a couple half marathons and even a full back in 2010 but in my gerbil-wheel rut, I was at the fitness level of running about a mile and slowly at that. And one day Krystal told me about a Team Film yoga event. I’d always wanted to try yoga but I was intimidated by the stigma of a bunch of Hamilton County housewives all in Lululemon with their heels down in downward dog. But I decided to give it a try, I said “Yes, I’ll go.” I had a blast.

The instructor had crazy curly hair, she wore leggings from Target and an old T-shirt. Almost no one in the group had their heels down in downward dog, most of us wobbled during tree pose. Other Team Film members introduced themselves, it was a judgement free zone. Just a bunch of women getting together to try new things and have fun; all shapes and sizes, fitness levels, and ages. Sure enough, I joined the yoga studio and was getting my nameste on at least once a week.

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Several more Team Film events followed: a member’s party, a brew mile, and spin class; what I found at all of them were active women who refused to settle for mediocrity in life. Sometimes you gotta face your fear of failure, say “yes” and try something new. I wanted and needed some of that adventure, so I joined Team Film.

Since then I’ve tried rock climbing, open water swimming, trail running, and participated in the Shamrock Beer 5K. Team Film has provided me with training buddies and swim lessons, and I’ve even been dragged to Karaoke!

Trying new things can be scary, but life is too short to work it all away. Every now and again you have to stay out late, let the dishes get crusty, use the credit card when you can’t afford something and get out and have some fun. But in order for that to happen, you have to be willing to say YES to trying something new.


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