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franny Franny Bendert, age 43, teacher, actor, mother of two Having a strong connection with this group of women has nurtured my connection with humanity. I feel, experience, empathize and engage at a whole new level. 3 things that inspire me: fabulous theatre, great literature and kind people. 1 thing I can’t stand: Reality TV. What I want you to get out of Team Film: I hope our cohesiveness and support can help you find your own level of independence, confidence and balance you need to live physically and emotionally healthy lives.
kristy Kristy Busack, age 35 years, high school counselor, mother of two When I think about what Team Film means to me, I immediately think three things: support, motivation and serious fun. Team Film gets me through the tough stuff, encourages me and motivates me to get after it to reach my goals. The serious fun is filled with tons of laughter, dancing, acting silly, new adventures and the VERY best excuse to take time for you! 2 things I can’t stand: “I can’t” attitudes and fakeness. Just be real, and be you. What I want you to get out of Team Film: Hands down, Team Film makes me a better me. It has now become my mission to share this with other women like you with hopes you too will benefit personally at some level to feel and be the best you can be.
hillary Hillary Church, age 43, elementary teacher, high school girls track coach, mother of two Team Film has connected me with women who look at and live life the way I do. They challenge themselves but always have room for fun! 3 things that inspire me: Seeing others reach their goals, doing new things, strong people. 1 thing I can’t stand: I do not like excuses. What I want you to get out of Team Film: I would like Team Film to support women like you while you lead an active and adventurous life filled with laughter.
alison Alison Conrad, age 41 going on 25, accountant Team Film is an awesome group of women who want to live life to its fullest. We love to experience adventure, friendship, and have fun doing it. 3 things that inspire me: Nature, learning new skills and my friends. 1 thing I can’t stand: I hate mean people. What I want you to get out of Team Film: I want you to feel passionate about living your dreams whether it is to run a 5k, climb a mountain or start an exercise program.
iwtrmile6_0078 (1) Leann Faust, age 39, speech language pathologist, mother of three Team Film for me means laughing so hard my sides hurt, having the support of amazing women, being inspired by crazy adventures, and general tomfoolery! 3 things that inspire me: Nature, people who have pushed their physical and mental limits (whether by choice or fate) and remain positive, encouraging, adventurous souls, and super bowl commercials that involve animals. 1 thing I can’t stand: Falseness. What I want you to get out of Team Film:The encouragement and inspiration to get out there and live a big life, laugh hard, and keep trying new things!
martha Martha Gavit, age 53, elementary teacher, mother of three To me, Team Film means a connection to incredible women and a wonderful support system. 3 things that inspire me: people who take on a challenge, nature and a good story. 1 thing I can’t stand: Freezing cold weather. What I want you to get out of Team Film: I want you to feel like you have a support system that challenges you to get out and accomplish a goal, try something new, and maybe do something you didn’t think you could ever do.
caryn Caryn Green, age 44, registered nurse, mother of three I’m trying new things and opening my mind to ideas I thought were beyond accomplishing. My Teamfilm girls encourage me to “set a goal,” expand my mind, challenge my body and laugh along the way.   3 things that inspire me: my friends, the beauty in nature, stories of inspiration and compassion for others. 1 thing I can’t stand: lying. What I want you to get out of Team Film: My hope is that you invest in yourself to be a better person. Surround yourself with positive people. Take the time to set a goal and try something new with a team of your friends. You’ll be surprised! Time is ticking, what are you waiting for?
maria Maria Harper, age 45, adult nurse practitioner, mother of one I got involved with Team Film for the social aspects, but I also wanted a more active lifestyle. With Team Film’s support, I have done more than I ever thought I could, I am healthier and living a fuller life. My biggest inspiration: Team Film friends. I’m inspired to be a role model for my daughter and teach her that it’s never too late to learn new things, do new things and to be confident in herself and her abilities. 1 thing I can’t stand: Diet drinks. What I want you to get out of Team Film: Team Film is for women at every level of physical activity; there’s no comparing or worrying about keeping up with anyone. It’s about you challenging yourself, and Team Film cheering you on.
tess Tess Woods Joven, age 42, mother of three Team Film is about being with a group of friends who provide encouragement to participate in physically challenging experiences that are tons of fun and help build friendships. Team Film makes me a better mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend. It makes me feel alive and takes me out of my complacency and drudge of everyday life. 3 things that inspire me: My mother’s strength and outlook on life, my children’s gift for living in the “now” and how my husband pursues his passions. What I want you to get out of Team Film: I want women like you to experience supportive connections with each other, find enjoyment in physically challenging activities, and become healthier — physically and emotionally.
holly Holly Wheeler, age 40, high school teacher, mother of three Team Film gives me drive, authenticity to be me, energy and motivation to do things I wouldn’t normally do alone. My Team Film friends give me support, laughs, love and permission to take care of myself. 3 things that inspire me: Mountains, my children’s energy and my friends who take risks. 1 thing I can’t stand: Wasted time. What I want you to get out of Team Film: I hope you and other women like you get the support you need, the permission to take care of yourselves, the laughs, and all the accomplishments from being a member of Team Film.
casey Casey Kenley, age 39, marketing professional, mother of two Team Film gives me a strong sense of connection to other women who watch my back, crack me up and support me in my crazy running goals. Trying to do the same for them brings me great joy. 3 things that inspire me: Forest trails, my family and other people’s stories. 1 thing I can’t stand: When people say they’re bored. What I want you to get out of Team Film: I want other women to find a home in Team Film to celebrate friendship, the value of pushing yourself physically and the need to get a little crazy every once in awhile.
kathy Kathryn Yost, age 43, artist, teacher Team Film helps me stay focused on what’s most important to me: pushing myself to achieve my goals, supporting others in their pursuit of fulfilling their dreams and having fun. 3 things that inspire me: Running, drinking, San Francisco — repeat. Oh, ok … exploring nature throughout the seasons (preferably while running or cycling), a good cup of tea, and imagining the impossible and discovering it’s possible. 1 thing I can’t stand: Black licorice. What I want you to get out of Team Film: I’d like you to imagine your impossible dreams, and find the guts to fulfill them. I see Team Film as a network of women who will support each other in making the impossible possible … and have fun in the process.

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