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Want to start or find a Team Film group in your hood? Let’s make it happen! There are women all around you looking for someone to run, climb, bike and hang out with. Below you’ll find Team Film captains building sister teams of women who are living the Team Film life. Complete our Contact Form, indicating who you are and where you live, and we’ll either 1.) share your contact information with the captain in your community or 2.) start a conversation about starting your own Team Film sister team.

HILLARY CHURCH, INDIANAPOLIS NORTH, IND., TEAM FILM CAPTAIN // Mom, teacher, coach, IronwomanI enjoy running, swimming, biking, weights, yoga and anything new and fun that will get me outside. I’m inspired by my family, seeing others succeed and Team Film! What I want you to get out of Team Film: Friendship, support and a sense of accomplishment! Let’s do this.
CHRIS KOCHANEK, GRANT CO., IND., TEAM FILM CAPTAIN // Nurse, fitness instructor, mother. I enjoy running (trail or road), road biking, bootcamp-style workouts, and teaching a variety of fitness and conditioning classes: HIIT, Weight Lifting, Yoga, R.I.P.P.E.D., Bender Barre, as well as nutrition counseling. I am inspired by challenging myself, my children, and others to feel better about themselves through physical fitness. I try to surround myself with like-minded people interested in fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. What I want you to get out of Team Film: I want the women who join my team to feel like they belong to a group that provides inspiration to be the best they can be physically and in all other aspects of their lives. I wish for members to feel comfortable giving suggestions to grow the team to reach as many women as we can to impact a healthier community and make a mark by living a positive, driven, challenging example. l encourage my team to volunteer time to services in our community that impact families focusing on women and children. I want to promote a positive environment with respect, kindness, and support for each other. No time for drama or negativity—make your film today!
KATHY YOST, MARIN COUNTY, CALIF., TEAM FILM CAPTAIN // Artist, teacher, marathon runner. I enjoy running, cycling, hiking, yoga, fitness and conditioning classes and trying new recreational activities. I love to combine fitness with being outdoors, and exploring new areas of northern California. I find strength in exercising with others, and am eager to develop a community of women who support each other in achieving their fitness goals and having fun! What I want you to get out of Team Film: Friendship, Inspiration, Success and Fun! I imagine a large network of women of all fitness levels coming together to workout and motivate each other. No matter if you’re a professional athlete or someone running their first mile, let’s inspire each other to push past our limitations and have fun in the process!
I live my film by doing things that bring me joy or excitement. I’m living my film when I’m having a good time with my family or friends, and even by simply reading books with my kids. I also live my film when I’m out of my comfort zone–jumping on a zipline to glide over a deep valley or kayaking in rough waters. I can live my film when I’m running a long tough run, working on an advanced yoga pose, or even getting into the pool when I don’t feeling swimming laps. After I’ve been outside of my comfort zone I feel great-I’ve grown physically, mentally, and even spiritually.
What you want other women to get out of Team Film: I want to help other women break outside of their comfort zones and try new things. I want to create a bond of encouraging women who want to have a good time and help each other live their film.

Team Film profile3TERRI WOODWARD, SOUTH SIDE INDY (COLUMBUS, EDINBURGH, FRANKLIN, WHITELAND, GREENWOOD, SOUTHPORT)  TEAM FILM CAPTAIN //Mom, Physical Therapist Assistant, Runner and race addict, Cyclist wanna be (to purchase a bike in the near future), borderline professional wine taster. 

My sport is running, and I love city running, however, I am beginning to also get into trail running.  I’ve done 13 half marathons and a handful of 5K’s and 10K’s.  My goal is to run in my first full marathon in 2016. I also work out and like spinning, boot camp, aerobic classes, and occasionally do yoga.  Running keeps my motor running. What you want other women to get out of Team Film: I love to motivate people and see them succeed! I want my teammates to want to take time for themselves and be as badass as they can be!  I also want them to have fun, be fit, try new adventures and bond with other amazing women who will become their closest friends.


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